Acting workshops

Theater for Adults

Theater can be a great tool for personal growth. In our workshops, you’ll enhance your courage, creativity, and expression. We welcome everyone regardless of age or experience.

Warsztaty indywidualne, warsztaty dla dorosłych


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Acting as Self-Development

These sessions are not only for those who aspire to be actors. We learn to control emotions, practice reflexes, and creative thinking. Through body and voice training, we enhance communicativeness. We work as a group. All of this can improve the quality of our actions both professionally and in private life. The workshops are for anyone who might benefit from them. Teachers, IT professionals, managers, physicists, chefs, dance instructors, students of all disciplines, high school students – all are welcome.

Theater of Everyday Life

The main goal is to work on freedom of expression and creativity – utilizing them both in performative situations and daily life. Acting in this perspective is a way to realize that as social beings, humans play many roles. Awareness of this, instead of a sense of limitation, can add lightness to our everyday actions. Being in a state of mindfulness and open-mindedness, we can play with different modes of action in life and on stage.



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