Acting, Voice Emission, Camera Work

Individual acting sessions can not only assist in preparations for theater school exams but also offer adults an opportunity to boost their self-confidence, work on voice emission, and public speaking or camera skills.

Warsztaty indywidualne, warsztaty dla dorosłych


Individual workshops provide the opportunity to focus on specific issues and closely track the development process. They can also complement group workshops.

Common topics covered in individual sessions include: voice opening and control; public speaking and confident training delivery; improvisation skills; reducing fear of failure; appropriateness of emotions and expression. We also assist in preparations for theater school exams.

We work very attentively, not limiting ourselves to one method, maintaining clarity of mind, and acting on multiple levels.

Here are some sample topics for individual sessions:


acting tasks
text work
public speaking
increasing self-confidence
increasing expression
character creation

Preparation for theater school exams

acting tasks
text work
increasing self-confidence
increasing expression

Voice emission

voice opening
speaking pleasure
working with emotions

Traditional singing

voice emission
ear training
white voice singing
songs from Slavic Cultures

Camera work

assistance in creating a YouTube channel
confidence in presentations
freedom of expression


One session lasts for 55 minutes.

1 session – 180 PLN
5-session package – 800 PLN
10-session package – 1500 PLN

Sessions with Piotr Filonowicz:
1 session – 300 PLN
5-session package – 1400 PLN


For details, please contact us:
phone.: 609 045 956