Classes for Adults

We offer workshops that focus on the personal development of adults. We are fascinated by observing how our participants’ self-confidence, body and voice awareness, and ability to express emotions in various ways increase. Our classes provide a creative way to spend time after work and an opportunity to meet interesting people. The workshops for adults are primarily about the process and self-improvement, but we also have performance groups whose goal is to take the stage.

Warsztaty indywidualne, warsztaty dla dorosłych


Acting for Adults

Theater can be a great tool for personal development. In our workshops, you will increase your courage, creativity, and expression. We welcome everyone, regardless of age and experience


Voice Spinning Mill

This is a series of workshops dedicated to broad vocal expression. We help discover the potential of the voice and its creative use in speech and singing. We promote traditional music.


Acting, Voice Emission, Camera Work

Individual acting lessons can help not only with preparations for theater school exams but also offer adults a way to increase self-confidence, improve voice emission, and enhance public speaking or camera presence skills.


Unleash Creativity through Theater

Theater can be a great learning tool for young people. Through play and creative activities, we develop imagination, self-confidence, and social skills.


Acting Techniques and Voice Emission

Our program focuses on developing soft skills. Through acting techniques, participants improve verbal and non-verbal abilities, and voice emission workshops help in clearly conveying thoughts. We place a strong emphasis on teamwork. Contact us for more information!