Create a performance from nothing

  • Subtitle: Acting Workshops for Schools
How to create an original script? This workshop aims to stimulate the creative potential of participants. As a result, we will develop an interesting story to be performed on stage.



Where to find a script for a play? Is it necessary to perform classic drama, or can we find a good contemporary script that young actors will enjoy?

To create a play, one doesn’t necessarily need a ready-made script – immense creative potential lies within the group, and everyone carries many stories within themselves.

The workshop raises awareness of how, in a simple way, based on acting improvisation techniques, one can start building a play. Memories and dreams of the participants, as well as everyday objects, press photos, absurd associations, sentences taken out of context, and everything within reach or sight or thought, will be the starting point for the activities.


The workshop will consist of group integration exercises, theatre games and activities, improvisation exercises and their analysis, transitioning from improvisation to scenes of the play, techniques for connecting scenes, building tension in the script, turning points in the action, and its conclusion. This workshop is an extension of acting improvisation workshops, but it can be conducted independently.

We are happy to adjust the program to individual needs.


Imagination Development
Participants learn how to use their own creativity and imagination in the process of creating a theatrical script.

Group Integration
Group integration exercises help participants get to know each other better. Collaborative play creation strengthens bonds within the group and promotes cooperation.

Improvisation Skills
Participants develop improvisation skills, which can be useful not only in theatre but also in everyday life. Improvisation trains the ability to think quickly and respond to changing situations.

Scriptwriting Skills
Participants learn how to create theatrically interesting stories – where to draw inspiration from, how to connect scenes, and build tension, thus engaging the audience.

Confidence Development
Participants gain confidence by presenting their own ideas, participating in the creative process, and performing publicly.

Other Information

  • We prefer to work with groups of up to 15 people.
  • Workshops are conducted in Polish and English.
  • We dress comfortably to have freedom of movement.
  • Workshops usually take place at the school’s premises – preferably in a room where participants can sit or even lie on the floor


Warszaty aktorskie, warsztaty wokalne, szkoła aktorska

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