Free Communication

  • Subtitle: Voice Emission Workshops for Companies
Our offer is aimed at companies that want to improve the communication skills of their employees. Participants will learn not only voice emission techniques but also the ability to communicate information freely and effectively.



The workshops introduce voice emission techniques and allow their practical application in specific professional situations. Participants strengthen their voice and expand their expression, thereby gaining self-confidence, clarity of communication, and effective communication skills.


In a sample program, we offer 3 blocks of classes, each lasting two hours – a total of 6 clock hours. We are happy to tailor the program to individual needs.

Block 1 – Opening the Voice
Introduction to basic voice-opening techniques
Relaxation exercises for the body and voice
Warm-up exercises for the speech apparatus and resonators
Exercises to improve resonance [voice emission]

Block 2 – Towards Free Speaking
Utilizing free voice emission in speech
Working on speech melody: pitch, intonation
Working on controlling speech tempo [word speed and pauses]
Working on using speech volume
Techniques to improve speech fluency

Block 3 – Working on speaking in specific work situations and workshop summary
Techniques to improve voice dynamics, modulation, and intonation
Individual and group tasks that will allow participants to apply newly acquired skills in specific work-related situations
Simulations of manager-team meetings, analysis of mistakes, and practical corrections
Workshop summary


This can bring numerous benefits in the professional sphere, positively impacting communication, presentations, and overall team effectiveness. Here are a few areas where such workshops can be useful:

Internal communication: team meetings
Improving voice emission will allow employees to convey information more clearly and effectively during meetings, thereby increasing the effectiveness of internal communication.

Presentations and public speaking: business pitches
Acquiring the skill of free voice emission will improve confidence during presentations, which is crucial for convincing clients or investors.

Customer service: telephone communication
Improving voice emission techniques will contribute to the clarity and comprehensibility of messages conveyed to customers, which is important in customer service.

Teamwork: effective team communication
The ability to communicate clearly and understandably will positively impact team effectiveness, reducing the possibility of misunderstandings.

Leadership: managerial communication
Managers can use acquired skills to conduct more effective and inspiring team meetings, as well as to express clear directions and goals.

Negotiations: influencing through speech
Freedom in voice emission can help in negotiations, enabling more confident expression of views and arguments.

Voice emission workshops are thus a versatile tool that supports the development of communication skills in various professional contexts and helps build confidence in public speaking.

Additional Information

  • We prefer to work in groups of up to 15 people.
  • Workshops are conducted in Polish and English.
  • We practice in comfortable attire to have freedom of movement.
  • Workshops usually take place at the company’s premises – preferably in a room where participants can sit or even lie on the floor.


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