Theater Games

  • Subtitle: Acting Workshops for Schools
This is a proposal for youth aged 13 and above. Through theatre, we foster creativity, exercise imagination, and open ourselves to new experiences. But most importantly, we have fun!



During the workshop, we won’t prepare the youth for recitation contests or teach them how to perform well at school ceremonies. We won’t hand out scripts for theatrical exercises or tell young actors what to do on stage.

During the workshop, we will learn from the participants themselves. We’ll allow them to summon inexhaustible energy and creativity, and then we’ll try to infect them with that creativity. And direct that energy towards theatre. An actor must above all know how to have fun. Being creative and lively means being able to see with the eyes of someone who is amazed by everything and for whom everything is interesting. They must feel the joy of discovering new things and the joy of cooperation.

If the participants dare to act openly, without an internal censor blocking the way to expression, if they have a good time and believe that creation is available to them and they are quite good at it – our task will be fulfilled.


The workshop will consist of activities integrating the group, movement warm-ups with elements of acrobatics, trust exercises, visualizations, and tasks stimulating imagination, exercises in constructing stories, introduction to acting improvisations, creating original scenes from random fragments of speech, inspired by the surrounding space, objects, free associations, participants’ dreams, and – depending on the weather – outdoor theatre games. And of course, lots of theatre games and fun. We guarantee a lot of movement, a lot of fun, and a lot of positive fatigue.

We are happy to adjust the program to individual needs.


Development of Creativity
By focusing on a creative approach to theatre, participants will be encouraged to express themselves through improvisation, which develops their creative abilities.

Group Integration
Group integration tasks, trust exercises, and collaborative scene creation will contribute to building strong bonds within the group. This can help improve communication and cooperation among participants.

Development of Acting Skills
Through various exercises and improvisations, participants will develop expression, body language, confidence, and the ability to spontaneously react to situations.

Openness to New Experiences
Participants will learn to accept risk, which can translate into greater confidence and readiness to take on new challenges.

Imagination Development
Actions such as visualizations, storytelling, and drawing inspiration from the surrounding space will stimulate participants’ imagination.

Improvement of Social Skills
The workshop supports the development of interpersonal skills, communication, and empathy through various forms of group interaction.

Positive Theatre Experiences
By focusing on the joy of discovery and collaboration, participants can experience theatre as something enjoyable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of advancement.

Other Information

  • We prefer to work with groups of up to 15 people.
  • We conduct workshops in Polish and English.
  • We dress comfortably to have freedom of movement.
  • Workshops usually take place at the school’s premises – preferably in a room where participants can sit or even lie on the floor.


Warszaty aktorskie, warsztaty wokalne, szkoła aktorska

For details, please contact us:

  • phone: 609 045 956