Think and act creatively

  • Subtitle: Acting Workshops for Companies
Our offer is aimed at companies that want to develop the soft skills of their employees – creative thinking, flexibility, self-confidence, and teamwork ability.



The workshops not only help develop stage skills but also teach how to react quickly in various situations.

We start with voice emission and speech training to make participants feel more confident during public speaking. We work on body language, learning how it affects communication and how to utilize it. We perform acting tasks and improvisations to practice expression, creativity, and interpersonal skills.


In a sample program, we offer 3 blocks of classes, each lasting two hours – a total of 6 clock hours. We are happy to tailor the program to individual needs.

Block 1 – Opening the Voice and Speaking Techniques
Welcome participants and a brief discussion about the workshop goals
Introduction to basic voice-opening techniques
Warm-ups for diction and voice emission
Techniques to improve speech fluency and voice control
Exercises on pace, volume, and pitch of speech

Block 2 – Body and Gestures
Introduction to body work
Relaxing and warming-up body exercises
Exploring gestures and their role in verbal communication
Working on body expression and gesture clarity
Exercises in assuming roles and working on body posture

Block 3 – Specific Teamwork Situations
Acting tasks and improvisations using body and voice techniques
Simulations of manager-team meetings, analysis of mistakes, and practical corrections
Working on dynamic reactions and adaptability in various situations
Workshop summary and open participant questions


Acting workshops can bring numerous benefits, influencing the development of employees’ soft skills and improving the work atmosphere. Here are a few areas where such workshops can be particularly useful:

Interpersonal communication: Listening skills
Acting develops the ability to focus attention and react to a stage partner, which translates into better interpersonal communication in the workplace.

Creativity and innovation: Stimulating imagination
Acting workshops stimulate creativity and the ability to think “outside the box,” which can contribute to generating new ideas and solutions.

Teamwork: Collaboration in a group
Acting exercises require cooperation and mutual support, which translates into better dynamics within the team.

Self-confidence: Public speaking
Acting develops self-confidence and the ability to convey messages convincingly, which can be useful during presentations or public speaking engagements.

Empathy: Understanding others’ perspectives
Working on acting roles allows for a better understanding of different points of view, which can be beneficial in conflict resolution and building relationships within the team.

Stress management: Training in stressful situations
Acting engages participants in situations where they must react quickly and adapt, which helps in coping with stress and pressure at work.

Development of verbal and non-verbal skills: Expression and gestures
Acting workshops develop the ability to consciously use the body, facial expressions, and gestures, which affect the effectiveness of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Acting workshops not only provide practical tools but also create a friendly environment conducive to team integration and building a strong organizational culture.

Additional Information

  • We prefer to work in groups of up to 15 people.
  • Workshops are conducted in Polish and English.
  • We practice in comfortable attire to have freedom of movement.
  • Workshops usually take place at the company’s premises – preferably in a room where participants can sit or even lie on the floor.


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